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The forever rebellious Clothilde’s gravestone only mentions her first name and date of death. A small bump in the ground next to her grave marks former police officer Robert’s last resting place.

And in thirty years, no visitors for either of them.

Confined within the cemetery borders and yearning for closure to move on, the two ghosts can’t go after the people who killed them.

Until Clothilde receives her very first visitor — and along with it, the means to escape the cemetery.

Beyond the Grave is the first novel in the Ghost Detective series, following Robert and Clothilde in their search for justice.

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Verified Buyer

8 months ago

Love this series!

I'm really enjoying this series. Actually cannot put them down!

Lynn nimmo

10 months ago

Excellent book

Am not in to ghost stories but I was hooked on the first book I was reading it on my ebook on my phone. I can't wait to start the second book