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Eternal Bond - ebook

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Bundle with the entire short story series available here.

Waking up in a sealed casket on its way to be buried would freak anyone out. Who wouldn't scream themselves hoarse — and try to claw their way out?

Anyone who dies with unfinished business wakes up as a ghost. If this wasn't enough, the casket will only release them once they accept their new status, adding a whole new level of terror.

But today's arrival stays quiet until the last mourner, a young woman at the front of the funeral procession, finally leaves...

That is when the screaming starts.

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Customer Reviews

J. S. Klos

Verified Buyer

11 months ago

Ghosts helping ghosts

This series is not eerie spooking hauntings. It’s more about people helping people and problem solving. I thoroughly enjoy all the stories involving Robert and Clothilde who seem so relatable. Just fun reading.